Voter ID Card 2024– Apply Online, Track Status, Check Eligibility And Required Documents

The Election Commission of India is the authority that issues the Voter ID Cards to the people of India. The Election Commission of India organization will check the eligibility for the Voter ID card before issuing the Voter Card the age of the person should be more than 18 years. Voter ID Card – Apply Online for Voter ID Card, Track Status, Eligibility And Documents Required

The other name for the Voter ID Card is EPIC which is the Election Photo Identity Card. The EPIC Number of the Voter ID Card number will specify that this is a person from India and he is allowed to cast the vote. The main purpose of the Voter ID Card is to prevent fraud during the election one person can not give his vote multiple times, it will be a crime. 

Details in Voter ID Card

People might be curious to know what are the details of the Voter ID Card, we are going to explain the details that are on the Voter ID Card.

  • Voter ID Card has the EPIC Number which is a unique serial number
  • Photo of the person
  • Voter ID Card has a hologram containing the details like State name
  • Name of the Father or Name of the Spouse
  • Gender of the person
  • Date of Birth of the person
  • Address of the person
  • The signature of the issuing authority

How to Apply for a Voter ID Card

There are three ways to apply for the VOTER ID CARD in India, online mode, offline mode, and semi-online mode, we are going to discuss all of the three ways below and study them.

Steps for Online Application

Check the steps to apply online for the Voter ID card here.

  1. The aspirants who want to apply for the VOTER ID CARD online have to move to the online website link of
  2. Then, you will see the signup option at the right top of the home page of the ECI website.
  3. The signup form will ask for the email ID, phone number, and Captcha code.
  4. Then, you will be asked to click on the request OTP.
  5. OTP will be received on the registered mobile number of the person.
  6. Enter the OTP and click on the verify.
  7. Now, you have the ID and Password needed to login in the ECI website.
  8. For login purposes, you have to click on the Login Tab and put the phone number, email ID, and login details in the online form.
  9. The ECI organization again verified the authenticity of the person by sending the OTP on the mobile phone.
  10. Enter the OTP and you will be logged in to the ECI website.
  11. For the new application for the VOTER ID, you will be asked to fill out the Form 6.
  12. Write each detail correctly in the Form 6.
  13. You will be asked to attach the soft copies of docs with the FORM 6.
  14. You then click on the Preview tab and check all the details written by you in Form 6.
  15. Then, Click on the Submit button.

Steps for Offline Application

Some people prefer to apply for the Voter ID Card offline. Here are the steps to apply for the Voter ID offline.

  1. In case of offline application, the person must pay a physical visit to the nearest State Election Office.
  2. Collect the Form 6 from the State Election Office.
  3. Fill out the Form 6 using the pen. 
  4. Attach all of the documents with Form 6 including your recent photo.
  5. Then, go to the State Election Office Office again and submit your filled Form 6 with documents.
  6. The Officer at the State Election Office will verify the identity of the person and sometimes they pay the visit to the written address and then issue the Voter ID Card to the person.

Steps for Semi-Online Application

Yes, there is another way to apply for the Voter ID that is using the benefit of online and offline both ways, check the steps below.

  1. Now, check the official website of the ECI organization and save Form 6 online from the website.
  2. Print the Form 6 and write all of the details in the Form 6.
  3. Now, you can submit the offline Form 6 along with the hard copies of the docs to the nearest ECI office.

Eligibility for Applying for a Voter ID Card

Below are the eligibility requirements for the Voter ID application process.

  • The Voter ID card is only for the Indian citizens.
  • The person will receive the Voter ID card only if he/she is above 18 years.
  • The person should reside at a permanent address.

Documents Required for Applying for a Voter ID Card

We have prepared a list of documents you need to apply for the Voter ID Card.

  • The person has to submit a copy of Identity Proof that has he photo of the person like a driving license, passport,  etc.
  • The proof of the permanent address like Electricity Bill, Utility Bill, etc.
  • Date of birth proof like 10th DMC or birth certificate
  • A recent color photo of the person

Tracking Status for Voter ID Card

The ECI organization will provide a unique reference number while you submit the application form for the VOter ID, here unique reference number will be required to track the status of the Voter ID application form, follow the below steps.

  1. Open the ECI website and log in.
  2. There is a Track Application Status Tab on the home page.
  3. Enter the unique reference number in the Track Application Status form.
  4. Here you have to choose the name of the state where you belong.
  5. Then click submit, and the ECI website database will show you the status of your application form. 


People can apply for a Voter ID card when they are over 18 years of age, they should have the specific documents to apply for the Voter ID application. For the new Voter ID application, you have to fill out Form 6 and you can fill out Form 6 online or offline or through the semi-online mode. You should provide all of the details accurately in Form 6 because the ECI organization will verify every detail before issuing the Voter ID to a person. 

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