SBI UPI Limit 2024- How To Increase UPI Transaction Limit In SBI?

How To Increase SBI UPI Transaction Limits: There has been a boom in Digital payment methods in the past few years. The drastic change was seen during the Corona time, people avoided having cash and preferred to pay every bill or payment online. Even we are using online payment methods for grocery shopping or to buy a thing for Rs 10. 

The people ask the most common question is whether there is a limit on the number of UPI transactions daily and every month. The people ask specifically for the SBI Bank what is the limit for the UPI transactions and how they can adjust the limits of UPI transactions.

Understanding the Current SBI UPI Limit:

You should have the knowledge of main points of the SBI Bank regarding the UPI transaction limits.

  • Per Transaction Limit: Effective from 01 Feb 2024, the SBI Bank has set the maximum amount one can transfer using UPI Payment as Rs 1 Lac. 
  • Monthly Limit: Currently, the SBI Bank has not imposed any limit on the number of UPI transactions a person can perform in one month. You can have as many UPI transactions in one month but make sure that the limit of Rs 1 Lac should not be crossed.
  • Daily Transaction Limit: In a month there is no limit imposed on the customers in SBI Bank but for one day the SBI Bank has set a limit of 10 for the UPI transactions. You should avoid using UPI transactions pointlessly.

The SBI Bank has the complete right to change these limits daily or monthly basis for all of the customers, you should keep yourself aware of the latest guidelines of the SBI Bank for UPI transactions. 

Why Increase Your SBI UPI Limit?

For most people, the daily limit set by SBI Bank caters to the needs of the customers, but in some special cases, a person needs more transactions. We are giving a few reasons below why a person needs to increase the UPI transaction limit. 

  • Large bill payments: In case a person has to pay more utility bills, wants to avoid cash for every single transaction, or some persons involved in hefty investments through UPI transactions, then they need to increase the UPI transactions Limit.
  • Business transactions: For business persons, there may be more UPI transactions in a single day, in that case, a person needs to apply for an increase in the UPI transaction. 
  • Bulk purchases: The people who buy expensive things online often need to apply for an increase in transaction Limits to run smoothly the business.

How to Increase UPI Transaction Limit in SBI

There are two ways to increase the UPI Transaction Limit for the SBI Bank, we are going to explain both of them below, check the steps here.

Method 1: Using the SBI YONO App

To use the YONO app for the SBI Bank, you must first install the YONO app on your mobile phone. 

1. Log In & Access UPI Transfer

  • You should open the YONO app of the SBI Bank. Then, login into your account on the YONO App, for login purposes you have to put the ID, Password, or M-PIN on the login page of the App.
  • Then, find out the UPI Transfer option, you will get the UPI Transfer option from the YONO app main screen. You may find the option of UPI payments or UPI transfers, depending on the version of the YONO app you are using.
  • UPI settings and functionalities will be given under the UPI Transfer option. 

2. Enter the Profile Password and Set the Limit

  • Now, in the settings of the UPI Transfer, you have to find out the option of Set UPI Transaction Limit or the Manger UPI Limit. 
  • These options might be given under the More Option or Additional Setting option.
  • There, choose the option to set the limit for UPI Transactions, the YONO App will ask for the Profile Password, provide the profile password correctly, and then the YONO App will permit you to change the profile.
  • The YONO App will show you the three things with the name of the following:
  • a) Current UPI Transaction Limit: This box will represent the current limit of UPI Transaction.
  • b) New UPI Transaction Limit: Now you can write the new limit for the UPI Transaction, it can be a maximum of Rs 1 Lac. 
  • Confirm New UPI Transaction Limit: The YONO app will ask about the new limit again, and re-enter the limit. 
  • Click on the Submit button. 

3. Confirm and Verify

  • Now on the next screen, the YONO app will show you the Existing UPI Transaction Limit and the New UPI Transaction Limit.
  • Check the new limit value and click on the Conform button. 

4. Receive and Enter OTP

  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile number to confirm the authenticity of the person.
  • Enter the OTP number. 

5. Completion and Reminder

  • The YONO App will send the confirmation message.
  • The new limit might take 24 hours for the activation. 

Method 2: Visiting Your SBI Branch

The person can also pay a visit to the SBI Bank Brach to increase the limit of UPI transactions. Follow the below steps. 

Gather Necessary Documents

  • You should have the required documents before visiting the bank for the UPI transaction limit.
  • The documents that will be asked for at the SBI Bank Branch will be photo ID proof like an Aadhaar card/PAN card, and you should have the SBI account passbook or debit card. 

Fill Out the Required Form

  • Go to the Customer Service Officer at the SBI Bank. 
  • There you will be asked to fill out the form and write the required limit of UPI Transactions. 

Submit the Form and Verify

  • Now, submit the application form along with the documents, before the submission you should verify each detail carefully.
  • The SBI Bank will verify all of the documents and application form data.
  • You can ask for the time needed to update the new UPI transaction limit.

Final Words

A person can manage the number of UPI Transactions he wants to perform in a single day. You have to follow the steps given above to increase the UPI Transaction Limit. 

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