Top Sports Scholarships in India

Diverse cultures come together through sports, which also overcome national boundaries and age differences. Athletics and other extracurricular activities are now seen as secondary to academic achievement. Yet, not many colleges and organizations place a high value on athletics, which in turn improves the prospects for gifted athletes to follow their careers through professional sports scholarships. They are given to people mostly based on their … Read more

Top 15 Online Jobs for Students

It’s a common experience for many college students to struggle to balance extracurricular activities, homework, and classes. It may seem unsafe to take on a part-time job, but it’s a good way to supplement your income and gain skills you can list on your résumé once you graduate. Thankfully, part-time work is no longer restricted to waitressing or in-store retail. Online jobs are prevalent these … Read more

How to Apply for Scholarship in India?

Scholarships are an essential way for students in India to get financial support for their higher education. The sheer number of scholarship options from public and private institutions, NGOs, and government agencies can make the application process daunting. You can, however, apply for scholarships that are appropriate for your needs and qualifications if you have the right advice and knowledge. You will be fully prepared … Read more